Valley of the Kings: $50.00 for the first 2 persons
1 Hour
A myth that's been passed on for hundreds of years tells of an artifact that holds secrets in history. The pharaohs had hidden it, deep in the pyramid’s chambers. The story describes clues being placed discretely throughout, meant to lead only the gods to its treasures. You learn of a curse that has it protected and believe you have uncovered the information to find your way to the heart of the pyramid. Time is short and you have to work quickly to prevent the curse from catching you.
Valley of the Kings
Below Ground: $50.00 for the first 2 persons
1 Hour
Deep inside an old coal mine a criminal organization has hidden its headquarters. Your agency has been following them for months and recently sent in one of their best agents to take them down. However, he is trapped inside. While underground he discovered they have plans to detonate the mine to cover up evidence of a recent heist. But, more than the mine is at stake. You must descend into the mine to follow the clues he left behind for you, locate and then diffuse the bomb before it's too late.
Below Ground
The Asylum: $50.00 for the first 2 persons
1 Hour
Behind the gates of an old asylum, century old secrets haunt its patients. One by one, the town's residents go crazy. Each one telling stories of paranoia. Patterns have been appearing in the jumbled sentences murmured from within. But as soon as too much is spoken people mysteriously disappear, with no trace left behind. You are one of the few sane ones least, that's what you thought before you woke up a prisoner in the asylum yourself.
The Asylum
Lost Cabin: $50.00 for the first 2 persons
1 Hour
Your uncle has been missing for weeks. As time passes you're afraid that he might never been seen again. In his cabin, outside the city limits and within the wooded hills, his belongings sit untouched as if frozen in time. Not a single trace nor clue has been able to help the police track him down. You've decided to take matters into your own hands. Working with what little information you have, you set out to determine what super-natural power has ripped him from this reality.
Lost Cabin
Blackbeard's Treasure: $50.00 for the first 2 persons
1 Hour
The year is 1717. You, a treasure hunter with outstanding loans from your failed ventures have fled England to the Americas where you hope to find a solution to the bounty that has been placed on your head and build a new life, despite the warnings of pirates prowling the seas. Unfortunately, shortly after departure, your ship was captured by the infamous Blackbeard and you have been imprisoned. While captured, you overheard a rumor that Blackbeard has come into possession of the fabled Montezuma’s Chalice, which legends say grant the holder power and riches beyond imagination… or at least enough to settle your debts and grant you the riches you’ve been searching for all these years. Your plan: escape the brig and plunder Blackbeard’s personal quarters for the chalice while the ship is anchored in a bay.
Blackbeard's Treasure